Living Tai Chi of  San Francisco
Meditation, Tai Chi forms and Qigong practice
Chris Sequeira has been practicing since 1973,teaching since 1982. He has an eclectic approach that has evolved through a life focused on the exploration of the nature of Awareness and Being, and the basis of True Healing.His background includes studies with several mentors and teachers in martial and healing arts, along with time spent with remarkable spiritual and life teachers. He is now available for private sessions as well as group meetings four days per week.Practices include a meditation emphasizing relaxation, centering and rejuvenation,by surrendering the body and mind to the spacious ground of our open awareness.  T'ai Chi basics and forms take these qualities into action.The program includes 24 simplified form, 108 long Yang form, two sword forms, The Flying Crane qigong form and the Yijinjing (Muscle Tendon Change)are a regular part of the group practice. For more info and essays visit
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